Motley Specific Information

Motley Hollow

  • Motley Members and their Contribution
    • Gordon 1
    • Puka 9
    • Ezra 3
    • Ponch 3
    • Brian 3
    • Huck 2
    • Total : 22

Hollow Attributes

  • Size 5
  • Wards 5
  • Doors 3
    • Ezra’s Apt Closet
    • Brian’s Dressing Room Closet
    • Huck’s Apt Closet
  • Amenities 5
  • Workshop 2
    • Garden for Goblin Fruit
  • Archives 1
    • Goblin Fruit

Hollow Description

The doors all open into hand carved tunnels covered with colorful mushrooms ejecting clouds of spores that help to deter those who don’t belong. The tunnels lead very shortly to the carved wooden doors that lead into our public grotto, the front grounds of our house. The grotto has several shallow pools of water being fed by brightly colored stalactites decorated like giant, beautiful chandeliers. The grotto abuts onto the three faces of the actual hollow grounds and house. Through a gate on the left and the right are the gardens outfitted with paths and little fountains surrounded by low benches. The face of the “house” features tall narrow windows looking onto the entrance hall with it’s tall ceilings and multi-colored glowing tiles. Off the main hall, leads the various hand carved halls leading into the personal wings of each Hollow member.


Hollow Amenities

  • Looking Glass •••••
    • A two-dot Looking Glass is a mirror linked to a mirror in the character’s own home in the human world. She may gaze into the Hollow mirror and concentrate for one turn and see through the mirror in her own home. The five-dot version allows the character to concentrate for a turn and see through any mirror into which she has previously gazed: the mirror in a doctors’ office bathroom, a police two-way mirror, even a small hand-mirror she saw lying on the side of the highway.


  • Dream Chaise ••
    • This chaise (which can actually be a couch, bed, or recliner) is stuffed with soft downy feathers of various Hedge birds. A changeling who sleeps a full eight hours upon the chaise does not regain a Willpower point upon waking, but instead gains a point of Glamour. One is guaranteed potent dreams from sleeping here — never nightmares, even if one possesses the flaw or the derangement. Such potent dreams sometimes incur oracular visions, but one cannot control the content or the frequency of such dreams.


  • Mood Lighting ••
    • The lighting in the Hollow — which may come from torches bracketed to the wall or from strange glowing pill-bugs that gather in the corners of the room — responds to the changeling’s wishes. She can demand that it’s bright (obviating any perception penalties due to dim light) or that the shadows grow long and dark (incurring up to –2 to penalties in the half-dark).


  • Planting Box ?

Ezra’s Pledges

Motley Specific Information

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