Changeling Cheat Sheet

Mantle Bonuses:


  • 1 to 3: give off a kind of heat, a faint warmth radiating outward that excites the pulse.
  • 4+: often possess faintly red eyes Mantle leave behind an occasional bird-like footprint that smolders with smoke and steam.
  • 1+: gains a Specialty to her Empathy Skill.
  • 3+: purchase the Empathy and Expression Skills at half the normal experience point cost.
  • 5: take either the Inspiring Merit or the four-dot Striking Looks Merit. If both are already possessed, she gains +3 dice to the roll made to use the Inspiring Merit.


  • 1 to 3: one exudes a sense of power, and the courtier may seem larger than she really is, or may appear to be composed of sharp potent angles that dominate the eye.
  • 4+: paragons of dominance, seeming to always tower over or overshadow those around them, and stranger still, they give off signs of being made of money: Coins seen in the dark of the eye, a rattling of gold when they walk, a glint of jewels on their teeth or fingernails.
  • 1+: extra die on any Socialize rolls.
  • 3+: bonus die on all Subterfuge rolls.
  • 5: Once per day, the character can add Resources score to any Social roll as bonus dice.


  • Dream Entry Meditation (automatic for yourself OR 30 minutes per roll, target 16,): Dreaming pledge with target + Wits + Composure + Meditative Equipment + Wyrd
  • Intensity = Wits+ Resolve (9 again for recurring or memory dreams, 8 again if both)
  • Nightmare: Intensity > Willpower- # of mental conditions
  • Recognize Prophetic Dream = Wits + Occult + Wyrd + Intensity (exceptional grants clue to entact or prevent dream, gain willpower if you see it come true.)
  • Recognize other dream = Wits + Empathy
  • Resist Disturbance: Resolve + Composure to remain within dream-state. Failure means awakening.
  • Exiting a dream: Resolve + Composure vs Wits + Empathy + Wyrd. Instant action.
  • Dream riding (minor changes): Wits + Empathy + Wyrd – intensity (successes > intensity require 1 willpower to avoid waking subject)
    • Convince the Dreamer (all night, bonuses to manipulation interactions for 1 week): Wits + Empathy + Wyrd
    • Learn about the Dreamer (one roll per night, 5 successes equal 1 fact about virtue/vice, mental/social merits or conditions, magical mental/emotion effects in last month): Wits + Empathy + Wyrd
    • Psychotherapy (1 night = 1 week): Wits + Empathy + Wyrd – intensity
    • Scour the Intensity (reduce intensity of dream or dream poison): Wits + Empathy + Wyrd – dream intensity or Wits + Empathy + Wyrd VS Poison intensity
    • Search for Dream poison:: Wits + Empathy + Wyrd – intensity
  • Dreamscaping (major changes, 1 per night, can’t apply to yourself): No dream in progress + 1 glamor = Wits + Empathy + Wyrd vs Wits + Resolve OR Scour existing dream to zero intensity + 2 glamour = Wits + Empathy +Wyrd
    • Healing – sleep counts as extra full day of rest
    • Stress relief – Gain extra willpower or all on exceptional success
    • Sleep Teaching – Gain full day of learning about topic, exceptional success gain 1 beats towards skill/merit/contract being taught unless dreamer already has unspent dream-taught beats towards it
    • Nightmares: Apply intensity to create normal nightmare
  • Dreamweaving (Place dreamscape in appropriate item anyone can trigger by sleeping with it ;1 roll per day) 1 glamor + Intelligence + Empathy + Wyrd = intensity
    • Sleepers reduces intensity by resolve + composure if not aware and welcoming of the attempt
    • Wyrd Dream = activate targeted contract after paying glamor, if intensity is at least equal to successes, contract activates within the dream
    • Personalization: If you have a deep connection to an intended target, intensity increases by higher of empathy or wyrd for that target and decreases for all others.
    • Analyse dream vessel (10 minutes per rol, target = intensity)= Wits + Composure + Wyrd
  • Dream Combat
    • Battlefield Trauma: Host of the battle loses 1 willpower
    • Direct attack = Hightest power attribute + combat skill + Wyrd – Defense
    • Environmental attack = Wits + Empathy + Wyrd – Defense
    • Defense = Highest Finesse
    • Armor = Highest Resistance
    • Damage = willpower loss
    • 0 Willpower = wake up with 1 bashing damage
    • Conditions may be gained depending on how far below 0 you drop


  • It’s not necessarily about how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you are, but adherence to expectations, promises, and socio-cultural norms.
  • 8+ = 2 on perception rolls, 6 = Kenning; costs willpower for ST to roll clarity to detect supernatural
  • Under 6 = -1 to perception rolls for every two dots below 7


Chart to be placed here

  • Total value equals 0
  • Two lessers combine to form a medial
  • Three lessers combine to form a greater.
  • A lesser and a medial combine to form a greater
  • Each type of item in a section is limited to +5/-5 at most per person.
  • Can make wyrd + 3 vows or swear an oath (below)
  • Always costs at least one willpower from one of the changelings involved

Everyone has the existing oath of fealty to their court (Fealty, Vassalage, Banishment, Year and a Day) sworn on the nemesis emblem of an enforcer of the court, meaning if you betray your court, it triggers a pishogue and alerts the court enforcer as well as the leige that you’ve betrayed them.

The vassalage boon gives the freehold blessing of Fertility to Southern Court members ( add 1 to all glamour harvest rolls) as the emotions come more freely and subtlety to Eastern Court members (add 1 to rolls to hide fae nature) other boons to be noted as needed.


  • True Name: EVERY pledge they have is broken. Further, everyone they are pledged to instinctively knows they broke their Name oath
  • The Name of the Keeper: Break a Keeper Oath and the Keeper instantly is alerted to it and gains a bonus equal to the oathbreaker’s Wyrd to track and recover them. And the benefit can be invoked any time within the next year and a day. The courts have forbidden this oath on the basis it might give them a path in..
  • Name of a Higher Power: Swear to the Divine (or to a sufficient ideal you believe in strongly like Honor, Justice, etc.) and break it, and be overwhelmed with despair, losing all willpower points and suffering a -1 to the next Clarity roll they make.
  • Corporal: Something bound to a physical representation or emblem of some aspect of their lives. Breaking it inflicts losses related to that emblem.
    • Mortal Emblem: Something representing the Lost’s Mortal associations. Lease to an apt, club membership card, etc. Breaking one of these pledges causes the Wyrd to work to separate the Lost from what they swore on (they get evicted, or lose their membership, or whatever). This requires a 4 dice Clarity degeneration roll regardless of Clarity (-2 penalty if broken because of the Lost side of their life).
      Generally can only have one mortal emblem. But if you have Resources, Allies, Contacts, or Status, they can bind it to the merit. If they break one bound to a merit, they lose the merit entirely with no ‘sanctity of merits’ recompense (or just one dot for Contacts).
    • Seeming Emblem: A representation of their fae nature. If broken, they immediately lose a dot of Wyrd. Generally, two Lost will swear on their own emblem.
    • Courtly Emblem: A representation of their connection to their Court or an aligned court. If broken on an aligned Court, they lose all court goodwill with the court. If their own, they lose half their Mantle. And for the next moon, anyone of that court encountering them will sense them as having broken a Courtly corporal.
    • Nemesis Pledge: A representation of another changeling. If broken, they inflict a Contract or ability like a Pishogue on the oathbreaker automatically and know they broke the pledge.
      Note: A person can only empower one Nemesis pledge themselves, but can take part in any number of Nemesis pledges empowered by other Lost.

The Hedge

  • Opening a New Gate costs a point of glamour and touching a door/similar portal, no door needed
  • Opening an existing gate simply requires a command for it to open
  • Finding hedge gates requires Intelligence + Investigation + Wyrd; difficulty in the hedge varies wildly depending on the familiarity of the area and the length of time you’ve spent in the hedge.
    • Clarity rolls are at -1 unless specified otherwise.
    • You must be familiar* with the destination in it’s current state or you simply can’t find a gate to it.
  • Navigation : Intelligence + Survival, travel time = Wyrd-successes. Clarity roll required; -2 off path.
  • Paths shift based on how much they’re used, from hourly to monthly, or never for maintained trods.
  • Time varies from x2 to x0.5 in the hedge, hollows are unaffected.Pockets of exceptional time exist.
  • Thorns tear a point of glamour every hour you spend off the path
  • Changelings shape the hedge unconsciously and cosmetically at low wyrd; more with =>7 wyrd
  • Hedge Duel arenas can be shaped at any wyrd and allow the following kinds of hedge use:
    • Attack the Mind: +2 Clarity breaking point, Manipulation + Subterfuge vs lower of clarity or resolve + composure. Successes subtract willpower. Continuing at 0 willpower=all actions -2
    • Hedge shape: Wits + wyrd – wyrd, deals lethal, armor applies, be creative with effect.

Changeling Cheat Sheet

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