April 7 to April 8, 287

April 7, 287.


I waited at the front door of my shop, as the others arrived from my team. I pointed them to the separate entrance that led up to my residence. We all went inside. It was not until we all had arrived upstairs that I remembered that Mr. Smalls is rather a large individual. It was both terrifying and interesting to watch him maneuver himself so daintily through my home, without actually bumping in to anything.

We all sat at the dining table, Mr. Costain almost immediately opened and turned on his laptop. We all talked about many things, but it was obvious that we needed a leader of some kind, because after several long minutes of talking, we still had not figured out anything conclusive to do. It was during one of these long conversations that I barely heard Ms. Grivoli mention that she was hungry, Mr. Smalls then quickly whipped out a knife and cut his arm and began to fill one of my NEW teacups with his blood, all of this being done over my very highly prized tablecloth and Persian rug. Needless to say I was horrified, spoke out immediately, and was able to get Mr. Smalls to stop his actions.

We eventually decided that our caper consisted of two parts, the install of the bug to the data systems, this project became Mr. Costain and Ms. Grivoli’s part. Mr. Smalls, Mr. Skysmore and myself would be the team that infiltrated the location, obtained the safe contents, and hopefully successfully retrieve our human assets located there.
I say assets because we later learned after we all reconvened at the dining table that our human asset had others (subjects of experiments there) that she wished to be removed from the location.

We learned most of everything through the excellent and determined work of Mr. Costain. His abilities amaze me. I desperately want to offer to help him become even better. Desperately. But…His drive, his passion, all are impressive and I find it more interesting to watch him progress without my help.

That doesn’t mean that I still wasn’t appreciative towards him. Especially after he did some creative hacking to keep me off of the horizon of the police and their suspicions of Hot Merchandise moving through my store.

After he fixed those things for me via his fantastic computer skills I gave him a gift. I thanked him and reached out and touched his Laptop, placing a quantity of Aether within his computer. Just enough to cause the device to never run out of electricity again. I think he liked my gift.

We continued to speak and finish our plans, which came together rather well. I did get a bit upset with Mr. Skysmore, he seemed to find it amusing to manifest his claws and beat out a rat tat tat on the surface of my tablecloth and antique dining table. If I did not know better, I would almost guess that both Mr. Skysmore and Mr. Smalls were doing these things purposely.

We learned and then decided that as part of the bug planting portion of our project we would intercept a regular technician who was planning on performing a bug sweep at New Life Medical, Ms. Grivoli would mind control him and accompany him to his task. We also finished our plans for our incursion for Safe Contents and persons of interest, that plan consisted of Myself, Mr. Costain, and Mr. Smalls entering under the guise of Building Inspectors and accompanying Rainbow Valley Police Detectives.
We planned to meet up for our first part of our plan at the moderately priced hotel across the street from New Life Medical. Which Mr. Skysmore very nicely volunteered to purchase for all of us.

I asked Mr. Costain to remain behind to help me with something else, and I escorted everyone else out of my apartment.

I asked Mr. Costain if he would assist me in a facial recognition scan. In particular of “that mage”, the one that was the subject of my assignment when I fell. I handed the USB stick to Mr. Costain and he began. He seemed to have some success, but when he arrived at a particular system, I saw the blood drain from his face and he immediately signed out of his system and turned off the laptop. He had found something that really made him nervous. He looked at me and insisted I tell him why I needed information regarding this individual. He refused to tell me what he learned until I told him, absolutely refusing my answer of “we have unfinished business”. I finally leaned forward and whispered in to his ear “He is the reason I fell”. Not really the truth, but close enough.

Mr. Costain then proceeded and told me that he had found a couple instances of his face, and had learned his name, and found an erased file. The Mage’s name was Jason Lamar. In one photo Jason was in the background of an automobile accident walking with another man, a man who Mr. Costain identified as a mage member of the Guardian of the Vale. When Mr. Costain ran Jason Lamar through the police database, that was when he found his full picture, along with signs of a deleted file. Mr. Costain was able to recover the deleted file and learned that the file that had been erased was a record of an ACE Squad capture of Jason Lamar, along with a release with a notation of Diplomatic Immunity.

I can understand why Mr. Costain was concerned, someone that has the ability to escape the clutches of the ACE Squads, is indeed a powerful and most probably dangerous person. Exactly the kind of person that Molasar would have been sent to manipulate.

I knew then I needed to complete my original mission.

April 8, 287


We all met at the hotel and began to put our plan into action. Mr. Skysmore followed our mark from his beginning location on his way to New Life Medical. We picked out an appropriate parking garage with less surveillance and I attempted to create an appropriate diversion that would cause our mark to turn into the parking garage. I looked at the world around me and applied my will in order to string my beginning action to my wanted action. I failed, nothing happened. Or did it?

I tried to cause my act of intimidation of Mr. Smalls regarding his lack of regard for my possessions to link to a distraction that would cause our mark to turn into the garage. That did not work, but when Mr. Smalls replied to my act of intimidation we began our own small semi-pretend struggle, which in the end actually caused our mark to attempt to avoid us and have a small accident which caused him and his motorcycle to slide into the parking garage.

It was not the distraction that I had planned, but it worked.

Ms. Grivoli did her thing, very impressive her abilities. She carries her Monster well.
Ms. Grivoli and our mark left the garage on their way to their mission. I hope she does well.

April 7 to April 8, 287

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