The Ameth Chronicle

The End of it All

What would have happened

There were three main factions vying for control:

The Hexarchy (led by a Quashmal and friends) wanted to return the Spire to the real world to aid in the Godwar.

The Outsiders (the Wereloves, their patron spirit, and the Agency) wanted to move to a whole new world and expand in peace.

The Complete Man of Atlantis (who merged with Coyote after Spirebond separated him from his old host) wants to rule over the status quo as his personal playground.

They were courting the different minor factions who had different levels of awareness regarding the greater struggle.

The Hexarchy had almost completed a magitek weapon they thought would turn the tide of the war and were about to open the Antarctic gate.

They would have been stopped by the Outsiders before they opened the gate more than a crack.
After the party kept their word, the Outsiders would have tried to recruit them via the Agency.

The Invictus (aligned with Atlantis) via Terrence Nash the changeling would have tried to recruit you as vampire retainers at Jocko’s funeral. (there was a whole Underworld, fate of the souls, impact of souls on the Spire side-plot attached to the funeral)

The other courts would have offered you various invitations depending on how your play matched their ethos.

If you had reached out to the Ordo Dracul, they would have been open to an alliance as well.
The safest choice would have been taking a Vampire or Agency side.

Depending on which side you picked, an opposing side would have taken a stab at you during Kumbero’s performance, and your new friends would have helped you.

Before the political ramifications of that could play out completely, the Outsiders would have snuck a bomb into the Pillar, blowing up the Hexarchy’s research labs that contained their nano-storm superweapon.

The superweapon devastates Umma Wahidah

End of act 1

Start of Act 2

Military crackdowns and hostilities would have risen, especially in the lower layers.

At the same time, active players would have a side-story of their elderly fetches becoming aware of them thanks to the slightly opened gate, They’d want answers after escaping from their (your) old families and now seeing their bodies slowly degrade into magical components. Depending on how you react and what you share, they might be able to get into the hedge and find the Demon’s Gate, either as friends or enemies. Although if the West Court is still in control of the gate and unwilling to listen to you at that point, they wouldn’t last long.

Atlantis would have been mostly normal, and Rainbow Valley would have become a sort of neutral zone between the Hexarchy, Outsider, and Vampire/Changeling Factions. The local Prince would have declared independence, expecting the overall ruler to lose and not wanting to be crushed himself, playing the other sides against each other.

Your restaurant would have been a gathering point for refugees trying to get from the increasingly repressive and dangerous lower levels to Atlantis. There would be three main plot paths going at the same time that you could progress down as you wished.

A vampire with an embedded scale wants your help dealing with a soul in the scale fighting her in her dreams. This would eventually involve making decisions about whether to inform anyone about the fragnment of dracula that was trying to make a comeback. This escalates and can possibly lead to alignment with the Ordo Dracul and the Outsider Faction in the third act.

More than one visitor suggests you pack up and move to Atlantis. You could have explored that option, learned about Atlantean groups and made friends/enemies with them. That chain of events can lead you to allying with the Atlantis faction in the third act.

A vaguely familiar changeling shows up about the time you start having staff show up irregularly. This eventually leads to a discovery that the Fae managed to send a loyal changeling into Ameth because they’re worried that the changelings in the Spire are going to discover an ancient Contract with Mages from the last Supernal War that would force them to enter the Godwar in force. That’s what’s at the other end of the railway in the Hedge. The East Court is decidedly against activating the contract since it would force changelings into the fight as well. The Thimblekin are guarding it, as well as the Stitchermen, which were creations of the Fae designed to seal Abyssal rifts. They’re also capable of repairing anything or anyone else, which is why the East Court Queen is so old. Following that chain would have lead to common ground (if not alliance per se) with the Hexarchy and a return to fight in the Godwar.

Act 2 would have ended when you hit a point-of-no-return on one of those plot-tracks, or refused to play along with any of them.

Act 3 picks up where you left off and gives you the option to engage with the final decisions or not. If you do, then you proceed towards the climax of either:

Joining with the Court of the West and the Hexarchy to force the gates open and return to the Godwar

Sneaking/subverting/destroying the Court of the East to activate the Contract of Humanity and having to rejoin the Fae as they march out of Arcadia and into the Material world. Depending on whether you took mercy on your fetches it might be possible to merge with them to merge your lives together and strengthen your resolve against the madness to come.

Finding and converting/banishing/destroying the five Prometheans that serve the Quashmal so that it can be defeated, breaking the anchor to the old world entirely, thus letting the Outsiders force the Spire into a whole new planet. Depending on how you handled the vampire path, it may also require dealing with a risen Dracula and an army of newly-reaped soul-ghosts.

Watching the Outsiders battle the Hexarchs and then providing cover as Coyote tricks them into destroying each-other completely, allowing him near-eternal control of his playground. At least for a short period until the lack of Outsider influence keeping the Spire asleep lets it wake up and clean house. Dun dun dunnnnnnn. (You would have had a chance to learn that the Outsiders were keeping the Spire consciousness dormant and tip him off to compensate).

If you hadn’t engaged with any of the main plot elements, or if you decided that the big picture stuff wasn’t your business, then you’d hang out with the minor NPCs you’d dealt with to that point as the various stages of your different quests determined the ending (or a random element if too close to call). You’d experience one ending or the other from the perspective of the rest of the citizens of the city who had to figure out what was happening and either return to something resembling the status quo, begin preparing for battle, or get word there’s a new world to explore out there.



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