The Ameth Chronicle

The beginning of the end of the beginning

2/12/287 Thursday
Ezra makes friends with Mary Grace, giving her a fashion makeover among other things.

Huck wants to make it snow, and plays with the fire-suppression system, triggering a visit from the fire-department that shuts the place down for the night.

Gordon gets the motley’s help in fulfilling the hobgoblin map bargain. They go poke around the tunnels outside the city, they find a dead end. Gordon asks Pooka to try her contracts of Den on it, and sure enough, overrides a secret door.

They find some people inside who look like they’re related to the Werewolf groups you’ve heard about. Gordon and Huck separate and meet with Elder Ntomba. Gordon tells him you’re a semi-independent group operating in Rainbow Valley to stick a thumb in the eye of vampires, then starts to freak out and gets a command-voice order to settle down. The group recombines and agrees to keep the tunnels secret for three weeks and they will send the map back shortly, along with some rare plants.



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