Your Venue


You chose a venue easily molded towards your individual tastes. It’s a significant chunk of the Wadsworth Communication Infraplex. The outer area is a open space, heavily landscaped with the walls consisting of 3-dimensional screens that can create the illusion of much wider spaces. Given the parties familiarity with ocean and sky, you can create an atmosphere that is fascinating and sometimes a little unsettling. The outer area has multiple bars, seating, and a sound system that can be used as a change of pace from the music in the interior. There are about 10 tables on the ‘west’ side of the restaurant that receive service.


The restaurant proper evokes the sea as well. A cellular organization composed of circles of varying sizes in plan approximaties a horse-shoe configuration. The differential extrusions of these circles encapsulated at different levels as tiered cylindrical seating booths, allow the eye level of diners and standing patrons to be distributed across staggered levels that increase in height away from the stage.


These booths seat between 4-10 people and are arranged around an open centre that can either double up as a potential 360 degree stage or accommodate standing patrons, bringing them closer to the main stage to create an intimate viewing experience.These paneled cylindrical booths maintain not only uninterrupted views to the stage, but also constant distance between diners irrespective of how crowded the lounge gets.
The wave-like undulating height of the seating booths is gently modulated by a glowing acrylic resin surface, which unifies the disparate types together and retains the presence of the architecture even in the midst of the spectacle of a state-of-the-art sound and light show.

There are luxury seating booths built into the wall above the kitchen which host people to elite to mix with even the upscale clientele you usually attract. There are staircases in the chef’s cabin, green room, back bar area, and southwest room that lead upstairs to the offices and studio on the upper floor, map upcoming.

Open from 10:30 to 3pm for lunch (that’s more table side service with no maitre’d present on shift. entertainment being secondary acts that Elias hires).

Dinner from 5pm to 11pm (no kitchen orders after 10:30pm). The evening’s main acts from 7pm to 11pm. Elias anchors live band performances. Bar open to 3am with a DJ and open dance floor after 11pm.

Yet to be named staff includes FOH Asst Manager, at least three sous chefs to cover when Gordon isn’t there and to assist when he is, Huck’s small security detachment, Asst. GM.

Your Venue

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