Rainbow Valley Shopping Channel

Typical Motorcycle
Availability •••• Durability 2, Size 7, Structure 9, Acceleration 22, Safe Speed 90 miles per hour, Maximum Speed 160 mph, Handling 5

More powerful than they really need to be, these motorcycles are typically used by people who need to travel around the city. Police, small delivery personnel, repairmen, inspectors, etc. Casual travel takes the bus.

Mostly electric, both because of the strain on the air-quality infrastructure and the concern over the supply of combustibles. Electric power was developed quicker this time around.

Given that these are a status symbol, any hyper-status conscious person (read gang-member) that can build, steal, or buy one will tend to make acquiring one a priority.

Typical Trike
Availability •••• Durability 2, Size 8, Structure 12, Acceleration 20, Safe Speed 90 miles per hour, Maximum Speed 160 mph, Handling 4

Trikes handle similarly to motorcycles and are typically driven by people who need a little more storage space. Trikes can be built with storage or passenger attachments.

Laser Pistol
Availability •••, Damage 2, Ranges 15/30/60, ‘Clip’ 40, Initiative 0, Str 2, Size 1

Illegal except for police and military, laser pistol variants like the AEP5 have largely replaced projectile weapons in many cases. Fast, light, powerful, with highly efficient batteries, the only drawback is the somewhat limited range.

Sonic Pistol
Availaility ••, Damage N/A, Ranges 2/5/10, ‘Clip’ 6, Initiative -1, Str 1, Size 1

The Sonic Pistol is a common civilian self-defense weapon in Rainbow Valley. It induces extreme nausea in targets at short range, usually leaving targets unable or unwilling to pursue. Misuse attracts the ire of law-enforcement and janitors alike. A larger version is available that increases the battery capacity to 12 shots, but requires Str 2 to wield effectively.

Deals no damage. Requires Stamina+Resolve roll on hit with penalty equal to successes on dex+firearms roll.

Dramatic Failure: Gain Stunned Tilt and gain Beaten Down Tilt for turns equal to successes on Dex+Firearms roll
Failure: Gain Beaten Down Tilt for turns equal to successes on Dex+Firearms roll
Success: Shrug off effects, take -1 to further stamina+resolve rolls against nausea this scene
Exceptional Success: No effect at all.

Die Bonus +1 to +2, Durability 2, Size 1, Structure 1,
Availability • to •••

Effect:By themselves, smartphones can make calls, send text messages and emails, take pictures, maintain an agenda, and search the web. With a bit of software, the Smartphone becomes the multi-tool of the electronic age. While it cannot accomplish the raw computing power of a full-sized personal computer, higher end smartphones can manage almost all the same tasks with ease.

The one dot version is a transparent tablet phone with earpiece. The two dot phone gets the +1 bonus and has an optional tooth implant. The three dot version comes with a +2 bonus and contact-lens screen.

Die Bonus 0 or +1, Durability 1, Size 2, Structure 3,
Availability • or ••

Effect:A medkikit contains all the necessary supplies to stabilize an injury and stop wounds from getting worse until the victim can find proper treatment. The one-dot version of the first aid kit does not offer a die bonus, it simply allows for treatment. The two-dot version offers a +1 to treatment rolls due to superior supplies such as synthskin patches which can prevent scarring.

Rainbow Valley Shopping Channel

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