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Society of Honorable Roguery: The name itself makes the Western Court wince, but to be fair, the Eastern Court’s sanctioned intelligence service/thieves guild does play by a set of rules. And when they follow them, their clarity isn’t threatened simply by the act of breaking mortal law. Jocko is a member in good standing.

Given that money is easy to come by, Eastern Courtiers with a preference for roguery tend to look for priceless artifacts, artwork, information, or simply items that were obviously hard to steal. It’s more about status than the actual value of the theft.

The rules are: Don’t steal from the poor. Don’t steal anything that the mark needs to care for his/herself and family. Don’t attempt a theft that could entangle the Court itself in conflict. Don’t steal from a target the Court has marked for protection. Don’t cause lasting injury during your missions. Don’t kidnap.

Jocko knows several Society members. All are based out of Baojia Caozi, but occasionally gate into other layers for thefts. Olaf Giggard is a smarmy darkling tunnelgrub who has an ambition to be the best at what he does. Karen Pritchard is a Wizened Miner who typically uses a human crew and is atypically openminded about humans for an Eastern Courtier. Maleko Malia is a Fairest Treasured who was taken from the same general place and timeframe as Jocko, but seems to find that as a painful point to avoid rather than a source of camaraderie.

Yong Mah, South Court Enforcer: An Ogre Farwalker with a Mein like a great yeti, Yong Mah was the changeling on whose emblem the Southern Courtiers swore when they pledged allegiance to the court. An inward focused changeling, Yong Mah’s choice of court is confusing to many. He places a high value on honor, but contemplates despair and suffering, emotions not generally popular in the Southern Court.

Bronislav Oleastro, East Court Enforcer: A wizened soldier, probably one of the most dangerous changelings in Ameth. As a human he was part of a vampire’s herd in a remote mountain holding. As a servant of the Fae, he was pitched by a weak Keeper against horrible rivals. As a free changeling, he makes sure enemies the Eastern Court needs dead get dead. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy violence, he’s not an ogre. But it’s his skillset, and it ensures him wealth, status, and respect; all things he’s learned you have to be cold to hold onto.

Dilara Karga, Hermit: A half-mad Elemental Sandharrowed that has taken up residence in the hedge. Nominally part of the Court of the North, but Gordon is really the only contact she has with the rest of the world after meeting during a goblin fruit harvesting trip. Apart from a habit of talking to herself and paranoia about everyone that isn’t Gordon, she seems quite personable.

Kwan Hoi-San, Western Court explorer: A beast trickster, he is frequently away from Ameth exploring the hedge. But when he comes to town, he fancies himself a charming rogue, and more than once has tried to seduce away people that Ezra has been seducing. It became clear that competitions of love within the Court of the West had a similar cachet to other competitions, and contesting against a clearly skilled opponent is a way to gain status. Regardless of how Ezra feels about it, Hoi-San feels it’s a rivalry between worthy opponents.

Lady Liang Nüying: Holds the crown of the Court of the East in Baojia Caozi, a Mirrorskin Darkling who’s rumored to be on the edge of fae transcendence. Also the Chairperson of Guanghui Tóuzī Jítuán, one of the 7 corporations that run Baojia Caozi, and one of the 4 of those corporations run by the Court of the East.

Lady Shum Chunhua: Ruler of the Court of the West. A cyclopean ogre, she lives in a fortress in the hedge guarding the Demon’s Gate. Most Ameth-related affairs are handled by her plenipotentiary Dai Yusheng.

Chairman Dai Yusheng: Draconian fairest chairperson of Tiě Gùn Chǎnyè, one of the seven ruling corporations of Baojia Caozi, and the only one owned by the Court of the West.

Lord Sin Chenglei: Crowned ruler of the Court of the South. Chairperson of Zhīfáng Chǎnyè one of the seven ruling corporations of Baojia Caozi, and the only one owned by the Court of the South.

Lord Yang Youde: Crowned ruler of the Court of the North. The Court of the North has had strained relations with the other court rulers ever since they took the side of the rebels in the civil war that formed Ummah Wahidah. Currently headquarted there, with friendly relations among philosophically aligned Lancea Sanctum factions.

Thimblekin: A race of hobgoblins contracted by the Eastern Court to assist with security. The Thimblekin normally appear as crystalline humanoids, but actually consist of multiple fragments that can reshape into forms resembling stalagmites or even odder configurations that pass for sculpture art. They do not speak, and only respond to those given authority to command them. That authority passes through the ranks of the Court of the East. Thimblekin have an uncanny knack for penetrating changeling disguises and defences, are notably perceptive, and are extremely resilient. They don’t seem to have much initiative or intelligence, and the price of their service is not common knowledge.


Bosco Tarron, Manager: Handles the business sides of things that you don’t feel like dealing with. Handles
contracting/staffing for accounting and legal, plus does most of the day-to-day paperwork, HR duties, and scheduling. He also handles inventory re-orders, but Gordon and Elias together handle the decision and negotiating aspects of it.

Bosco is a bear of a man, both physically and socially. He’s managed facilities from the Rainbow Valley Prison Tower’s cafeteria to the exclusive five-star Ruby Lizard Room. Unfortunately, he had a reputation for being the kiss of death for the restaurants he worked at. Nothing that could be traced back to him directly, but the prisoners staged a riot in the cafeteria that killed 4 staff, the Ruby Lizard Lounge was closed down when the owners were caught laundering money for the mob, and similar events occurred to the last four places on his resume. Your investigation showed no supernatural or mortal skullduggery for his horrible reputation, so you got him at a steal.

Janette Sundee, Sous Chef: Runs the kitchen when Gordon isn’t there. When he is there, she has a crush on him, since she’s completely a haute-cuisine fangirl. In fact, a display of Gordon’s cooking convinced helped convince her to step up from Head Preparation Chef at the Whirlpool where you all noticed her on a talent scouting dinner.

She’s shorter than normal, and has a sense of humor that belongs more on a changeling than a human; dark and warped. She’s quiet and focused when things are going well, but there’s been more than one shouting match between Bosco and Janette over ordering and staffing issues where business practicalities infringed on her ability to best do her job.

Carl Rammel. Events Planner: Handles catering and special events with the dedication and flair of leading a strike team into enemy territory. It makes sense since he is ex-military, Left the Rainbow Valley Armed Services after it was clear that the Hexarchy handles the real threats. Through a series of unlikely misadventures, he ended up managing for Elevator Catering until it was bought out and he quit because the new owner was just “fucking creepy” in his words. Friendly and loyal, he expects high performance from his staff and works with them to achieve it.

Richard Selzer, Security Consultant: You paid top-dollar for your security system, and Richard is the guy that comes by and makes sure it’s still running. You’ve got cameras, heat sensors, motion sensors, IR tripwires, pressure plates, and the computer that pieces them together and alerts you during business hours when they don’t agree that someone is there, and if someone is there at all after-hours. He would think you’re a bunch of paranoid nutjobs afraid of your own shadows, but this isn’t the first job like this he’s done. He’s clever enough to be curious about what that means.

Lachlan Docks: Upper-class transportation magnate who provides the mining and shipping industries with truck, rail, and smaller delivery networks. He’s not ‘in the know’ but he’s sharp enough to realize that he doesn’t know everything that goes on. Has worked with Prism before, but has had some employee troubles.

Teddy Fuente: Head of the Mid-Ring Drills, a low-powered but surprisingly resilient street gang that runs in the buildings and streets of the I240 neighborhood.

Shen Jianzhong: Head of the Weyland-Yutani corporation and direct descendant of co-founder Akihito Yutani. He is the only non-changeling chairperson among the seven corporations that rule Baojia Caozi, and the subject of much rumor about how he pulls it off. The most common belief is a mixture of incredible personal charisma that attracts talented subordinates to assist him, and a relationship with the Hexarchy to act as a counterbalance to supernatural power in the layer.

The Truesight Guard: There simply aren’t enough changelings to properly defend the Western Court’s interests in Ameth and the Demon’s Gate. To remedy this problem, a carefully screened selection of mortals are ensorcelled under loyalty pledges and tasked with assisting the defense.


Nu-Life Medical: Ordo Dracul company who runs a line of hospitals and clinics throughout Ameth. Headquartered in central Rainbow Valley.

Regent Gregory Rose: Leader of the Ordo Dracul in Rainbow Valley. Less obvious among supernaturals, and only hold tenurial rights over specific areas and buildings within Tanami’s regency.

Regent Tanami: Invictus ruler of Rainbow Valley. Word is this guy was ancient even before Ameth was founded. Everyone in the know knows not to step on his toes. Ventrue.

Reeve Marcel Lourens Functions as the Sheriff of Rainbow Valley. Daeva. Has a reputation for retiring in the face of small acts of defiance, only to arrange for the offender’s entire life to collapse later.

Commisoner Wardell Urs: Invictus in charge of covenant investment and business interests. Ventrue.

Speaker Terrence Nash: An Invictus Diplomat, Terrance the only non-vampire to hold a Title of Function in the Rainbow Valley, and the only known non-vampire to be a member of the covenant at all. Terrence is a Leechfinger Darkling formerly of the Southern Court. His particular allegiance remains the subject of rumor and speculation, but with the Court of the South remaining apparently unconcerned, it remains an issue of rumor and speculation.

Minister Kirk Pollack: Invictus Herald, a glorified receptionist. Daeva

Prince Siegfried: Ultimate leader of the Invictus. Resides in Grutas dos Guimarães

Ambassador Mina Yellow Bird-Steele: Načá Omníčiye representative in Rainbow Valley.

Ambassador Agnes Slizauskas: Circle of the Crone representative in Rainbow Valley.

Ambassador Serik Aranov: Lancea Sanctum representative in Rainbow Valley.


Mordecai: Manager of the different agencies working in various layers. Excellent at maintaining his privacy.

Ray Foley: Official Agency bartender, and contact point for Rainbow Valley Agency (Prism) teams.

The Rat Pack:Prism Agency team. All changing breed rats except Christian. Christian Silva (non-court Changeling wizened gremlin/roteater dualkith), Elias Fisher, Rolando Ramirez, Jay Graves.

Merchand’s Maurauders: Led by Raul Merchand (Ventrue), a gang of vampires and that was the Prism Agency’s main operations team until they disappeared a few months ago.

Three Free: A Prism Agency team; a changeling motley that eschews loyalty to the court structures, preferring the less restrictive relationship with the agency. Mona Bass (Metalflesh Elemental), Duane Parker (Larcenist Fairest), Steven Cobb (Windwing Beast).

Rainbow Riders: A brotherhood of couriers and delivery people recruited from the mundanes that never forgot the monster stories and always believed Ameth was too unnatural to feel natural.


Aberration Containment Enforcement: Nicknamed ‘Exorcists’, the ACE squads are the Hexarchy’s answer to supernaturals in Ameth. Armed with top of the line cybernetics and weaponry, protected from supernatural powers by means yet to be determined, the ACE squads tend to hit first and hard. They don’t like running engagements with supernaturals, preferring to end the conflict in one massive strike before their target knows there’s a threat. Dealing with the frequent collateral damage is a exercise for the politicians.

NPC Field Guide

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