Non-essential information

Map info

  • They’ve redone the map markers so they suck. Sorry.
  • Cream colored markers indicate PC-relevant locations.
  • Blue colored markers indicate NPC-relevant locations.
  • Red colored markers indicate mission-relevant locations.
  • Brown colored markers indicate infrastructure or layer-related locations.

Tech tidbits

  • Phones are generally advanced bluetooth-esque deals; tiny things that fit comfortably inside your ear.
  • Implanted tooth microphones are a thing.
  • Direct nerve-control applications exist, but are rare and expensive.’
  • All sorts of cool computer gadgets. Smart-everything, if you have money for it.

Lifestyle factoids

  • There is a default 12 hour day/night cycle that works with the lights on the underside of each layer.
  • The city is generally warm, in the 68-70 degree Fahrenheit range (although everyone uses Celsius except Atlantis)
  • It gets hotter in the areas near industry and colder as you travel further from the city.


  • History prior to the founding of Ameth is existent, but very sketchy.
  • The current year is y287.
  • They use the twelve month calendar we are familiar with, but all 30 day months.
  • The different layers were founded at slightly different times, but took several years to discover each other.

Non-essential information

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