Compact of 109y

The actual Compact is written in tight, lawyerly language. The relevant points are as follows:


Baojia Caozi is off limits to the North Court, and Ummah Wahida is off limits to the rest of the courts.

Individual courtiers can visit as invited, but trespassing revokes the rights of the Covenant.

Lancea Sanctum is barred from Baojia Caozi. (in practice, all vampire covenants are barred, but Lancea Sanctum gets a special mention for it’s relationship with the North Court)

The Demon’s Gate Cavern is the property and responsibility of the West Court.

If found, any passages in any reality leading back into the Abyss War are to be kept shut and reported to all courts in order to jointly secure them.

No other areas are subject to exclusivity rights enforced by the terms of the Compact. This does not preclude external agreements being made.

Court Responsibilities:

Each court is responsible ensuring it’s members uphold their responsibilities and respect the rights of other changelings. In the event of violations involving changelings of different courts, and the parties are unable or unwilling to reach a settlement on their own, the respective courts shall investigate and hold a joint hearing to resolve the matter.

The West Court shall be responsible for guarding the Demon’s Gate and inducting new arrivals into changeling society. The latter shall be done with the assistance of other courts so as to ensure accurate representation of and access to all courts.

The West, South, and East courts are jointly responsible for the defense of their mutual interests in Baojia Caozi.

The North court is not responsible for defending the other courts’ interests in Baojia Caozi, but has no right to their assistance within Ummah Wahida.

All courts shall maintain the secrecy of supernatural society from the public at large.

All courts shall evaluate applications for membership in the courts starting at the first of the year, and offer memberships on March 20 (called the Vernal Equinox) to any changelings whose temperament, history, and goals are compatible with the nature and well-being of that court.

Changeling Rights:

Every changeling has the right to apply to join any court free of coercion or retribution.

Every changeling has the right to decline court membership, although doing so removes him/her from the protection of this Compact.

Courtiers receive the protection of the Courts against other supernaturals while in Court territory.

When injured by another changeling, courtiers have the right to settle their differences by mutually agreed terms, including use of the mundane legal system. If unable or unwilling to do so, courtiers may appeal to their courts to investigate and impose judgement fitting to the circumstances. (Generally ‘injured’ is only interpreted to merit intervention if some form of serious and lasting harm is done. Petty grievances are expected to be handled without court intervention)

Changeling Responsibilities:

Courtier responsibilities are largely the responsibility of the court s/he has sworn vassalage to.

The compact does not mitigate changelings’ responsibilities to their courts.

All changelings must respect the authority of the courts. (This has come up when changelings tried to ‘force their courts hand’ in larger matters.)

All changelings must maintain the secrecy of supernatural society from the population at large.

Compact of 109y

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