Character Creation Guidelines

Come to character creation night with more than one idea, we’ll be kicking around possibilities and figuring what works as a group. You’re going to still be in Rainbow Valley, because I want to give you the opportunity to make decisions without an authority system directly pointing you in certain directions, and instead have them loom as a backdrop to your actions. I am going to strongly encourage everyone to take the profession merit in the role you want your character to specialize in, because it will allow you to be very accomplished in that role. The NPCs are also going to be taking it.


  • We are using the God-Machine Chronicle. Other books haven’t come out yet, so we’re using houseruled patches to the old books to mesh them.
  • EITHER assign attribute/skill dots as described in the book OR
    • Put 1 dot in each attribute to start, then
    • Assign 12 points to among attributes, with none starting higher than 4 total
    • Assign 22 points among skills, with none starting higher than 3 total
  • Start with 10 dots of merits.
  • Characters start as well-established, near-veteran changelings with 10 experience points and 2 beats.
  • Virtue, Vice, and Aspirations as normal per God-Machine.
  • By default, fighting styles may only be drawn from the God-Machine book. If there’s a merit that covers a style that can’t be portrayed with God-Machine merits, let me know and I’ll patch that style consistent with the rest.
  • God-machine interpretation of merits supersedes older versions
  • Use these Experience Charts to determine XP costs


Human life

You were a normal human kidnapped from the moral world sometime with the last one to two hundred years. The time you experienced in the faerie world of Arcadia may be greater or less than that. There’s two aspects of this history: what your life was like in the material world and what it was like in Arcadia.

The timespan you existed in the physical world would have been during the Abyss War, and good chunks of time, space, and general reality were wonky. There are demi-god reality warpers on both sides, and the ‘good’ guys aren’t particularly adept at exerting their will without warping the reality they’re trying to preserve. Figuring out the date relative to someone else’s experiences would be tricky unless they were local to your time/space coordinates.

Since you survived that mess, you were either in one of the secured ‘safe’ areas or in one of the few Abyss-controlled areas where the Abathoth (collective term for all Abyss denizens) prefered to corrupt and torment humans rather than devour/destroy them outright.

Life in the ‘safe’ territories was often dangerous. The Ascended had managed to lock down reality pretty hard in those areas, but it often meant that they were limited in using their reality-warping powers to protect the people living there, so they often had to fend for themselves. Towards that end, there were a few main mundane powers that rose to safeguard humanity. See this list of safe human territories.

There’s also the less pleasant option, that you were a human in the power of an Abathoth which had preferences more twisted than simply killing you. Abathoths are creatures of corruption and destruction, and so at least one of your aspects was in the process of being twisted into a mockery of it’s proper form. In these cases, your abduction probably seemed like a rescue. At least initially. They might have even had to help you heal physically and mentally before scarring you themselves. But they would eventually, and even if you’re going from the fire back into the frying pan, you’re still getting burned. See this list of possible Abathoth regions you might have come from.

If you want to come up with a background different from these that fits the general theme, you can throw it out there, but these should give you a good place to start.


Your time in faerie should be spent in a decidedly unpleasant faction that’s bad enough to scar your character and make him/her run away, eventually stumbling through the gate into Ameth. Whatever servitude your character performed should be either painful, horrible, or otherwise twisted, but in a way that relates to the seeming your changeling becomes. The ‘seemings’ section of the book gives you some ideas in the first part of each seeming’s section.

Time in Ameth

Your characters managed to bond together during your time in Arcadia during the few moments you had together, unwatched by the Gentry. One night, when the gala got so far out of hand you were ignored, the group of you banded together and escaped.

It was a panicked rush from the territory of your former masters and you may have had close calls worth writing a journal about, if something in game reminds you of them. Eventually you felt a faint mental pull in one direction, that you were fairly sure wasn’t from the Gentry. You carefully followed it, lacking another good choice of directions, and found the portal to Ameth.

Passing through, the Court of the West detained you to make sure you were actually changelings and not monsters in disguise. They then informed you of where you were, the details of Ameth and helped you acclimate to Baojia Caozi. They taught you enough of Greater Mandarin and Portunal that you could operate anywhere in the layer, and you did.

Some of you may have gone through the initiations to join one of the Courts, Others might have pursued independent activities, more or less successfully. In either case, you all kept regularly in touch and grew your friendship over the course of several years.

Eventually you felt the the layer was constricting. Something about it didn’t appeal to you, or you thought you could do better. It’s not hard to imagine why. Baojia Caozi is a corpocracy dominated by a court devoted to greed. So while the place is fairly socially liberal, it also has some of the worse aspects of corporate libertarianism. Like a justice system that’s essentially for hire, and poor people selling organs for rich people’s life extensions.

You had managed to come up with enough seed money to strike out on your own, and you decided that you could probably succeed where others have failed and open up your own business in Rainbow Valley; a restaurant.

If your were in a court, they would have allowed you to proceed independently. The nuances of the motivations differed, but the common factor was that if you succeeded the courts would benefit, and if you failed the courts wouldn’t be harmed.

The time in Ameth is probably the most relevant to the broad strokes of who your character is now, with the past elements informing some underlying issues and what made him/her this way.

Character Creation Guidelines

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