Breaking Point Questions

Breaking point questions help determine how your character perceives the borders of possible behavior, both of him/herself and of others. This will affect breaking point rolls.

Remember when you do this that you’re still building a character that not only functions within the party, but is capable of being a productive member of a business enterprise within society. This is another note that the anti-social and the psycopath should be avoided.

The bold lines in the descriptions are the key parts to the questions.

  • What is the worst thing your character has ever done?

This doesn’t have to be anything dastardly. If the worst thing your character ever did was steal money from his mother’s purse and lie to cover it up, that’s fine. What’s important here is to consider something that your character did that made him hate himself. The superlative “worst” is something that the character would apply. Choose a breaking point based on the answer to this question.

  • What’s the most significant promise your character has broken?

As with the worst thing your character has every done, this doesn’t have to be anything horrible. If you stood someone for a date, and that’s the most serious promise you broke, that’s ok. Like the former question, the idea is to pick something that made your character question the meaningfulness of his/her word. This is a specifically changeling question as changelings’ self-concepts are tied to the idea of their promises meaning something, it’s their way of driving an anchor into reality and latching their sense of self onto it.

  • What is the worst thing your character can imagine himself doing?

We imagine ourselves in various scenarios to test our own self-image against a hypothetical situation. When children do it, it’s called imaginative play, but it fills the same niche. What can you can character reasonably see himself doing, but still know that it would be wrong? Can your character imagine killing someone in self-defense? Torturing someone for information? How about robbing a store with a gun?

  • What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?

Of course, we all know that people are capable of some hideous atrocities. What tops your character’s list? Serial murder? Rape? Torture? Spree killing? If your character is extremely sheltered or misanthropic, he might have a skewed view, here; he might hang on to some lofty, cerebral notion of “dishonor” or “betrayal” as the nadir of human behavior.

  • What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to the character?

Unless you’ve taken an extremely traumatic Abathoth background, this is going to be your Durance in Arcadia. What I’m looking for is a specific element of that durance that would cause your character discomfort when something in his/her current life reminds him/her of it.

Breaking Point Questions

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