Backstory - The Three Falls

The history of the world revolves around three planes of reality, and three falls. The existence of other realities is only known to a select few, and knowing the true history of all three Falls is unheard of.

There are the Supernal Realms, the magical realms empowered by the divine fire.

There is the Material World, a world underpinned by the far-reaching God-Machine.

There is the Abyss, an ever-shifting place of horror and despair that divides the Material World from the Supernal Realm.

The First Fall began with the killing of a powerful but aging Wolf-Spirit by his children who thought it necessary to obtain his power and continue his work policing spirits. In her grief, the Wolf-Spirit’s mate, the Supernal being Luna, broke the Material world apart from its Shadow, the source of spirits, creating the barrier, the Gauntlet. This also created the Werewolves in their current form, along with other supernatural changes.

In the Second Fall, Mages had begun to congregate together on an island called the Spire. Mages were individuals whose souls were more in tune with a Supernal Realm and could channel magic from there. The Spire was one of the most common places for souls to make the reincarnation transition, which increased the power of local Mages. The Mages eventually succumbed to hubris and tried to claim the Supernal Realms for themselves. The resulting wars ended with the Exarch faction in control of the Realm of Divine Fire, the Abyss blocking off the Supernal Realms from the Material World, and the Oracle faction building watchtowers in other Supernal Realms to channel power back to Mages across the Abyss.

Of all the Falls, the Third Fall is both the most recent and the least underdtood. A conjunction of forces tried to close the Abyss and set the Supernal Realms back to their natural order. This failed spectacularly. Billions died. Vampires rose to rule over the remainder. The God-Machine broke in places causing Demons to exist. An ancient Abyssal entity began making inroads into the Material Plane. It was against this backdrop of desperation that Ameth was founded.

Backstory - The Three Falls

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