Abathoth regions

These can be matched up with some of the ‘free human’ backgrounds, since not all of the Abathoths from these territories maintain a stock of humans. Wandering humans might have got caught or entered the wrong areas. These background elements may be trickier to implement, because your characters aren’t undergoing trauma-related psychosis over the course of the game. It’ll come up when we talk about group integration.

The Lotus Fields: Starting with the kindest, gentlest Abyssal monster, this creature doesn’t care about your feelings or state of mind. It just wants to corrupt and twist your body. Which it finds easier to do when you aren’t in control of it. So it simply shuts your mind off while the bulbous sessile Abathoth works it’s vines into your body and creates horrifying flesh sculptures out of it.

It’s not that much different from being dead, except that if the Gentry manage to snag your body away from the monster, you wake up in a twisted and deformed shell. Of course, the Fae prefer humans to be twisted according to their own design, and they take it as a challenge to force your body back into the canvas they prefer to work on. It’s generally unpleasant.

The Burners: The Abathoth that sparked the Abyss War did so with an army of cultists known as Burners in most regions, based on their propensity for burning down most of the old-world that was left standing. It was one of the few Abathoth that enjoyed bending humans to actually worship it. Both the mysterious Abathoth and the burner cult is still around, albeit much reduced by the competition of other Abathoth and the ongoing war. It has a special history and advantage against vampires and werewolves, and tends to use its cultists to hunt down whatever surviving pockets of them are hidden away, in addition to being active in assaults against reality-locked human territories.

As a cultist you taught that the Burning God was supreme among all others and that the only value in life was serving him. As a result, your world was a hard, cruel, cutthroat environment of fiery sacrifices and religious fervor. Getting taken by the Gentry who appeared godlike themselves at times would have caused some worldview reconsideration on top of all the other issues.

The Theatre: Instead of your body being twisted, these flapping orbs of sensory organs twist your mind for their own amusement, shattering you into distinct personalities and placing you in areas with others similarly afflicted. The first stage of simple watching you try to interact with each other amuses them for awhile, but then they want to add drama.

When their human population increases enough that they can spare some for a show, they’ll introduce a lesser, bestial Abathoth to the mix and watch their toys panic and snap further as it hunts them down. Or sometimes they’ll prod one or more humans into murdering others, and watch the fun as a prison suffering from multiple personality disorder tries to figure out which one of them is really the murderer. The ending of the story is always the same, no one gets out alive.

Maybe the fae that catches the actress is amused by her broken mind as well. Or maybe a monotonous durance forces one personality to the fore. Pity it’s probably not the one she used to have.

The Labyrinth: This Abathoth area is of the more subtle variety. It enjoys the destruction of hope. And oddly enough, this means it knows how to raise hopes in order to crush them. It has dug a maze of horrors, ever shifting, ever different. It’s filled with traps, and lesser Abathoth, some real, some not. It likes to keep a number of humans running through the labyrinth at once, flicking its attention back and forth as they give up hope of escaping their latest predicament. It’s always careful to offer them the illusion of a way out, a false promise of a light or breeze that suggests freedom. Sometimes it even lets them team up, forming bonds of camaraderie to fight the lonely struggle, only to ensure one dies horribly in front of the other. Of course, if a human gives up entirely and can no longer bring himself to struggle onward, he’s of no more use to the Abathoth, and it simply devours what’s left of the body and soul.

The Chimneys: Of all the Abathoths listed, this is the only one where even Arcadia at it’s worst would be welcomed. Bound to the interior of a great furnace, the flames are stoked and the victims burn, but they don’t lose consciousness. When all their nerves are burned away so that they can no longer feel pain, the a servant carries them to a separate chamber where it repairs them so they can go back, and then drags the screaming victim back into the furnace. The victim lasts longer each time until the torture drives him permanently mad, at which point he is taken back to the medical chamber and transformed into another servant that more furnaces can be built and more victims can be so treated.

Almost no one from the Chimneys makes it out alive, but maybe your character is the exception that was snatched by the Gentry on the way to or from the furnaces. Quite likely he was incredibly grateful for a long time, performing his durance to escape the trauma of the past. Until they assigned him a task that reminded him of the furnace and he couldn’t stand it.

Abathoth regions

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