The Ameth Chronicle

Blood is a big expense : Pt 1
Session 3


Jocko leaves to go dig up someone in his Society that would know who the rogue is that’s targeting the restaurant. [Spoiler: The player isn’t attending anymore; this doesn’t end well.]

Ezra calls people about the reservation, convincing many merchants and inviting people to a VIP event Wednesday 2/11 where he’ll finish breaking down what social doors are remaining.

Gordon takes Huck on a trip to the hedge to (maybe) broaden his horizons. They meet with DIlara and ask her about how she knew where the fruit was growing. She says she was told by a hobgoblin named Teller, but she doesn’t want anything to do with knowing the future or anything else, so she’s not going to deal with him anymore. She teaches Gordon the ritual that can turn any doorway to a hedge gate to the hollow where the next goblin market will be in two days (2/9), and a special bag of sand to use in it. When questioned further, she gets crazier than normal and recites a rhyme:

Goosey goosey gander,
Where shall I wander?
Upstairs and downstairs
And in my lady’s chamber.
There I met an old man
Who wouldn’t say his prayers,
So I took him by his left leg
And threw him down the stairs.
The stairs went crack,
He broke his little back
And all the little ducks went,
‘Quack, quack, quack’.

As Gordon and Huck back away slowly, she snaps out of it and advises them to keep doing what they’re doing, keep running the restaurant, keep their noses out of larger mysteries. They ignore the advice. Gordon plans investigate the railroad in the trod and Huck plans to eat the prophecy gourd.

They return to the restaurant and discuss cooking options. Ezra and Gordon have a little conflict where Ezra bosses Gordon around and Gordon responds by prioritizing hedge adventures over restaurant work. Janette briefly steps in to bolster Gordon.


Ezra meets with Barnus Grace, owner of the long-running if financially troubled Grace’s Department store and convinces him to consider the trade association idea and send a representative to the VIP party.

Bosco informed Elias that he has a message from Kumbero Reffel, a singer of distinction who had been tipped to work the Azant Founded venue on Floor 20. Kumbero was offering to perform as a secondary act.

Waiter! My appetizer is fighting back!
Session 2


Jocko returns from scouting the locations where the competing restaurants will be installed. One is a different restaurant that will be refurbished, the other 3 are empty spaces at the moment. He stashes the mirrors in the back office. He figures out from the mystery changeling’s affliations and actions, he’s probably a Rogue in the same society as Jocko that’s planning to steal something important from the restaurant to gain status. He gets more status if successful for calling his shots beforehand.

Gordon and Jocko retrieve prophecy gourd goblin fruit

Party discovers non-changeling supernaturals on the dance floor while kenning for possible secret hedge gates in the restaurant. Jocko steals wallets of Elias Fisher, Rolando Ramirez, and Jay Graves. Jocko returns the wallets but steals and holds onto Rolando’s phone.


Ezra gets the work back about the delays his people worked for. They pulling strings and landed a hearing to commision a study on the economic impacts of single economic sector dominance by a single interest group. They don’t expect the hearing to actually result in requiring a study, but the process would normally hold them for a few weeks. They have also heard, while moving in those circles, that there is a push for increased inspections for food service establishments.

Investigations into Azant Investments reveal several board members in common across it’s acquired companies. The names Weldon Nat, Waylon Sofronio, Wardell Urs, and Terrence Nash figure prominently.Sofronio and Nat don’t throw any red flags, but Urs is the Invictus commisoner in charge of business interests and Nash is a famous/infamous changeling who joined the Invictus as a Speaker [diplomat] and the only non-kindred titled member.

The party formulates a plan to form a trade association to counter Azant’s influence and possibly to reach out to the Ordo Dracul, the main rival of the Invictus in this layer. The also float various sabotage ideas.

Excuse me, I said "How many in your party?"


Gordon is in the hedge and gets a tip-off from his half-mad hermit friend Dilara that there’s a prophecy gourd in a tunnel off the path. Gordon agrees to come visit Dilara later.

Gordon and Pooka eventually find the fruit growing at the end of a vine hanging in a shaft over a tunnel trod that has a rail-line running down the middle. Gordon marks the tunnel with a vial of blood and leaves to return later.

Jocko discovered a mask-boosted changeling placing mirrors around the public areas of the Aloha. Jocko removed the mirrors.

Elias and Ezra met with Bosco, the Restaurant Manager who reported that Azant Investments was funding several restaurants in the Aloha’s niche opening around the area. Ezra called in some favors among his upper class friends to slow the opening. The said they’d get back to him.

Ezra and Elias look into the mirrors and Ezra conjures a replay of their last week, giving hints that the intruder was an established larcenist and probably a member of the Court of the East.

Jocko leaves to scout the new restaurant sites and possibly place some mirrors.

The end of the world

Everything changed.

And then brunch was served.

Slice of Life Pt 4

April 11, 287y

Fleetwood takes the day off after being fired for screwing over his boss who downplayed his involvement in saving the company from a hacking attempt

Jon and Smalls recover from their bout in the simulator and a night of drinking. Jon is just a little bitter.

Magdelyne ponders options for dealing with the vampire soul stuck in her hand. An unusual problem.

Abby contacts Fleetwood and Magdelyne with information about a changing breed who is going to be the next new supernatural in the layer. They don’t know if it’s going to be a change or immigration, but they have a fairly specific area to watch.

Magdelyne takes the initiative to involve the muscle, especially as she thinks that Jon might have a special connection.

The team scouts the area in and around the factory, finding it to be watched by masked machine spirits, which Fleetwood learns more about from Abby. The spirits are low-tier watchers and observers, with powers of mental and emotional influence to direct their subjects, but rely on calling in help against more major threats. They hadn’t been seen in the layer before, but they were the subject of conspiracy theories. Believers of which Fleetwood directed to the factory to test/prod/distract security.

Fleetwood shoots one machine-spirit in the face with a laser pistol through a space portal and the rest vanish, Magdelyne and one other (i forget) go for the person they believe to be the changing breed, Phillip Quadro.

Magdelyne charmed Phillip and they took him to the armory, planning to trigger him in the simulator, but found out that trying the wild first change in those conditions might make his actual body change, ripping him out and causing mental damage.

So they took him to an explosives testing room, where Jon took the initative to chase him around hitting him until he changed. Everyone else took one look at that and left to various distances away. Jon eventually forced Phillip to undergo enough trauma that he changed into a spider, and then Jon escaped and locked him in.

Slice of Life Pt 3

April 10, 287y

After a bad encounter with a falafel vendor, Magdelyne accompanied Fleetwood back to his apartment, where they experimented on the specimens, which turned out to be scales.

Madelyn got one stuck on her hand and went home, leaving Fleetwood with the other two.

Each scale has a soul in it. Fleetwood conversed with one, finding the soul of Ratibor, an ancient Russian warrior who died fighting the dragon Zmey Gorynych, and was bound to his scale to manifest as a ghost warrior on command. Ratibor has a hard time understanding how Fleetwood has the scale without having killed the dragon.

Fleetwood calls Jon Steier, a contact in the Mysterium for advice. Steier advises him its dangerous, not to let anyone know he has it, not to let any vampires touch it, and to give it to someone for safekeeping as soon as possible, preferably the Mysterium, but if he’d prefer the Guardians of the Veil, this is a time Steier thinks their removal of artifacts is warranted.

Fleetwood calls Robyn Bonura at the Guardians of the Veil, and arranges a drop-off of one of the scales, as he claims that he only has one. They’re concerned enough to poke a little magically, but not strongly enough to get through Fleetwood’s wards. It makes him edgy though, and the drop is set up cautiously.

Magdelyne has a dream where a foreign vampire speaks to her in a dead language.

Slice of Life pt 2

April 9, 287y

  • Jonathan sends a note to his family via plastic florist that says he’s ok.
  • Fleetwood sets up his hacks into public systems.
  • Magdelyne and Fleetwood meet up with their requested help, which turns out to be The Rat Pack, and goes to find Steve.
  • Steve is where he said he’d be. Fleetwood alerts the bodyguards to the presence of three hidden vampires.
  • Magdelyne engages them in conversation which goes poorly and the lead vampire, Bernadette Chavez, wants to take them to their security HQ for questioning.
  • Fleetwood calls in the bodyguards and Magdelyine, Fleetwood, and Steve escape in the fracas.
  • Steve turns out to be exactly what he appears, a working schmuck technician with access to what he needs for his job but no high level clearance or secrets.
  • Disappointed, Magdelyne goes to his house and robs him of his collection of commemorative plates.

April 10, 287y

  • Agency meeting based on all the stuff that’s been going on recently.
  • Lily is no longer your contact, Abby is.
  • Jonathan and Smalls are taken to the Armory, shown a bunch of gear, and explained that as they became known for displaying dependability and judgement through completing missions for the party, they’d get access to better gear.
  • Fleetwood and Magdelyne are shown information about the larger world and how Ameth fits into it.
  • They are told about how the plan was to spin the party off as a separate agency group with Rourke as a contact, but with his disappearance, they’re going to work with the party for the next year to see how good they can get at independently operating and go from there.
  • Fleetwood and Magdelyne are put in charge and Abby is present as a resource, intelligence source, and tiebreaker.
  • Fleetwood and Magdelyne are asked to keep Smalls and Jonathan safe from going past the point of no return, and both of them are asked not to use their mind-control powers on the other.
  • Jonathan and Smalls try out the simulator at the armory, which Smalls cranks up to 17/20 difficulty. The session ended with them not doing horribly in the first encounter the simulator threw at them.
Witnesses Pt 4 Wrapup, Slice of LIfe Pt 1

April 8, 287y

  • Rourke teleported the case presumably containing the contents of the safe into their hotel room.
  • Magdelyne and Fleetwood convinced the mole to leave, lying about the status of the experiment victim.
  • The party sans Fleetwood delivered the case to Lily, who found out it was a decoy.
  • Fleetwood decided to not turn over the data immediately and to make Lily send someone to his apartment to recover it.

April 9, 287y

  • Magdelyne goes to break into Marco’s old apartment to look for clues to his disappearance, finding an expensive lilly left for her that she mis-identifies as poisonous and takes it as a threat to back off.
  • Smalls and Jon go looking for a fight in a gang bar.
  • Rourke realizes that the effect that hid the real case was probably temporary, and that with Fleetwood’s help he can recover the real case.
  • Between Rourke’s keeping secrets and Fleetwood’s issues, the collaboration ended with an embarrased and angry Rourke transforming into a demon to scare Fleetwood, and a scared Fleetwood knocking him silly with a mental blast.
  • A guilty Rourke believes he’s lost the thread completely, and in a fit of isolated depression goes Loud and disappears into a vent.
  • Fleetwood manipulates the High Rollers into attacking Lachlan Docks’s operations, which ends with the gang largely dead, arrested, or in hiding.
  • Jon and Smalls pick a fight, win it, and run from the cops.
  • That morning they get a call from their boss and are told they’re all over the intranet and are so incredibly fired.
  • Lilly contacts them to help them get a different job.
  • Fleetwood finishes codebreaking his copy of the stolen nu-life files.
  • Magdelyne seeks backup for her meeting with Steve, Jon says no but Fleetwood finds her some muscle.
  • Fleetwood meets with Magdelyne and shows her the bio-canister stolen from Nu-Life. She wants it.
Witnesses Pt 3

April 7-8, 287y

  • The party briefly split up to run personal errands (gathering tools, making calls, drinking blood, etc).
  • The party reconvened at Rourke’s to plot and plan, Smalls and Jon make Rourke nervous about the carpet and furniture respectively, but no harm was done.
  • Fleetwood dug up information about their objectives, including talking with the mole, Rebecca who didn’t want to leave the test subject in the secured lab who had an empathic connection with her.
  • The plan was for Magdelyne to take the lead in planting a tap on their network for Fleetwood to access it remotely.
  • The party rented a hotel room, jumped the tech-guy doing the bi-weekly bug-sweep, Magdelyn bewitched him and the session ended as she met the vampire Laramie Bogan at the office door.
Witnesses Pt 2
Episode 1.2

April 5-7, 287y

  • Magdelynn fed on a wallflower at a upscale country bar.
  • Jonathan watched his family, punched the old neighborhood watch guy that confronted him about it, got away, and found a High Roller headquarters.
  • Rourke visited the police department and made small talk with Orana, called Lilly, and decided to go along with the police for the moment, but not to deal with their targets himself.
  • Fleetwood investigated the runic language he found on the computer node, but traced a chain of flag-triggers that went all the way up to the central inter-layer government, on servers that had magical warding on them (despite being the anti-supernatural agency).
  • All parties met at the River’s Friend to be introduced to Magdelynn
  • Lilly tells that in the next day or two, a minor Ordo Dracul faction is likely to be exposed and its building raided and/or destroyed. She wants you to get their informant out, as well as the contents of their on-site safe and internal network. The party discussed plans.

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