The Ameth Chronicle

Waiter! My appetizer is fighting back!

Session 2


Jocko returns from scouting the locations where the competing restaurants will be installed. One is a different restaurant that will be refurbished, the other 3 are empty spaces at the moment. He stashes the mirrors in the back office. He figures out from the mystery changeling’s affliations and actions, he’s probably a Rogue in the same society as Jocko that’s planning to steal something important from the restaurant to gain status. He gets more status if successful for calling his shots beforehand.

Gordon and Jocko retrieve prophecy gourd goblin fruit

Party discovers non-changeling supernaturals on the dance floor while kenning for possible secret hedge gates in the restaurant. Jocko steals wallets of Elias Fisher, Rolando Ramirez, and Jay Graves. Jocko returns the wallets but steals and holds onto Rolando’s phone.


Ezra gets the work back about the delays his people worked for. They pulling strings and landed a hearing to commision a study on the economic impacts of single economic sector dominance by a single interest group. They don’t expect the hearing to actually result in requiring a study, but the process would normally hold them for a few weeks. They have also heard, while moving in those circles, that there is a push for increased inspections for food service establishments.

Investigations into Azant Investments reveal several board members in common across it’s acquired companies. The names Weldon Nat, Waylon Sofronio, Wardell Urs, and Terrence Nash figure prominently.Sofronio and Nat don’t throw any red flags, but Urs is the Invictus commisoner in charge of business interests and Nash is a famous/infamous changeling who joined the Invictus as a Speaker [diplomat] and the only non-kindred titled member.

The party formulates a plan to form a trade association to counter Azant’s influence and possibly to reach out to the Ordo Dracul, the main rival of the Invictus in this layer. The also float various sabotage ideas.



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