The Ameth Chronicle

Slice of Life Pt 4

April 11, 287y

Fleetwood takes the day off after being fired for screwing over his boss who downplayed his involvement in saving the company from a hacking attempt

Jon and Smalls recover from their bout in the simulator and a night of drinking. Jon is just a little bitter.

Magdelyne ponders options for dealing with the vampire soul stuck in her hand. An unusual problem.

Abby contacts Fleetwood and Magdelyne with information about a changing breed who is going to be the next new supernatural in the layer. They don’t know if it’s going to be a change or immigration, but they have a fairly specific area to watch.

Magdelyne takes the initiative to involve the muscle, especially as she thinks that Jon might have a special connection.

The team scouts the area in and around the factory, finding it to be watched by masked machine spirits, which Fleetwood learns more about from Abby. The spirits are low-tier watchers and observers, with powers of mental and emotional influence to direct their subjects, but rely on calling in help against more major threats. They hadn’t been seen in the layer before, but they were the subject of conspiracy theories. Believers of which Fleetwood directed to the factory to test/prod/distract security.

Fleetwood shoots one machine-spirit in the face with a laser pistol through a space portal and the rest vanish, Magdelyne and one other (i forget) go for the person they believe to be the changing breed, Phillip Quadro.

Magdelyne charmed Phillip and they took him to the armory, planning to trigger him in the simulator, but found out that trying the wild first change in those conditions might make his actual body change, ripping him out and causing mental damage.

So they took him to an explosives testing room, where Jon took the initative to chase him around hitting him until he changed. Everyone else took one look at that and left to various distances away. Jon eventually forced Phillip to undergo enough trauma that he changed into a spider, and then Jon escaped and locked him in.



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