The Ameth Chronicle

Excuse me, I said "How many in your party?"


Gordon is in the hedge and gets a tip-off from his half-mad hermit friend Dilara that there’s a prophecy gourd in a tunnel off the path. Gordon agrees to come visit Dilara later.

Gordon and Pooka eventually find the fruit growing at the end of a vine hanging in a shaft over a tunnel trod that has a rail-line running down the middle. Gordon marks the tunnel with a vial of blood and leaves to return later.

Jocko discovered a mask-boosted changeling placing mirrors around the public areas of the Aloha. Jocko removed the mirrors.

Elias and Ezra met with Bosco, the Restaurant Manager who reported that Azant Investments was funding several restaurants in the Aloha’s niche opening around the area. Ezra called in some favors among his upper class friends to slow the opening. The said they’d get back to him.

Ezra and Elias look into the mirrors and Ezra conjures a replay of their last week, giving hints that the intruder was an established larcenist and probably a member of the Court of the East.

Jocko leaves to scout the new restaurant sites and possibly place some mirrors.



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