The Ameth Chronicle

Blood is a big expense : Pt 1

Session 3


Jocko leaves to go dig up someone in his Society that would know who the rogue is that’s targeting the restaurant. [Spoiler: The player isn’t attending anymore; this doesn’t end well.]

Ezra calls people about the reservation, convincing many merchants and inviting people to a VIP event Wednesday 2/11 where he’ll finish breaking down what social doors are remaining.

Gordon takes Huck on a trip to the hedge to (maybe) broaden his horizons. They meet with DIlara and ask her about how she knew where the fruit was growing. She says she was told by a hobgoblin named Teller, but she doesn’t want anything to do with knowing the future or anything else, so she’s not going to deal with him anymore. She teaches Gordon the ritual that can turn any doorway to a hedge gate to the hollow where the next goblin market will be in two days (2/9), and a special bag of sand to use in it. When questioned further, she gets crazier than normal and recites a rhyme:

Goosey goosey gander,
Where shall I wander?
Upstairs and downstairs
And in my lady’s chamber.
There I met an old man
Who wouldn’t say his prayers,
So I took him by his left leg
And threw him down the stairs.
The stairs went crack,
He broke his little back
And all the little ducks went,
‘Quack, quack, quack’.

As Gordon and Huck back away slowly, she snaps out of it and advises them to keep doing what they’re doing, keep running the restaurant, keep their noses out of larger mysteries. They ignore the advice. Gordon plans investigate the railroad in the trod and Huck plans to eat the prophecy gourd.

They return to the restaurant and discuss cooking options. Ezra and Gordon have a little conflict where Ezra bosses Gordon around and Gordon responds by prioritizing hedge adventures over restaurant work. Janette briefly steps in to bolster Gordon.


Ezra meets with Barnus Grace, owner of the long-running if financially troubled Grace’s Department store and convinces him to consider the trade association idea and send a representative to the VIP party.

Bosco informed Elias that he has a message from Kumbero Reffel, a singer of distinction who had been tipped to work the Azant Founded venue on Floor 20. Kumbero was offering to perform as a secondary act.



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