The Ameth Chronicle

Blood is a Big Expense: Pt 2

Session 4

Elias retroactively disappears from existence.

Ponch and Brian retroactively have always been here.

The Aloha has always been named “Eat.”.

Ponch makes his debut by reassembling the horticulture box Gordon had disassembled and fastening it to a roof of the hollow cabin to form a basis for the prophecy gourd seeds. It takes him awhile. Apparently, staplers were involved.

Brian’s first act is to take a nap at Gordon’s urging. Gordon had a plan to go along with that. Originally. When he woke up he went to mingle with the guests to learn faces.

When Ponch finished with the box, Gordon was working on that night’s dinner. Ponch was hungry, and ate the first thing he saw, which by chance happened to be the prophecy gourd.

Gordon and Brian almost followed him into the areas where he practices his homelessness, but decided to stay at the restaurant instead. Brian followed him via the dreaming prophecy.

Ponch dreamed that a rabbit was eating a chile pepper in the middle of a field when the chile pepper began eating the rabbit. It started to get prophetic. The chile pepper was using fangs and represented vampires, and the rabbit took on aspects of a beast seeming changeling. The meadow appeared to be an island floating in a void attached to three ropes, pulled in one direction by a small flock of flaming flying creatures, in another by a tree-creature and a pelican, and held in place by a doglike creature.

Ponch had a moment of lucidity in which he could react to the situation. He chose to prevent the rabbit and pepper from fighting. They then become more fully personified representations of a changeling and vampire and began to pull the island in their own directions.

Meanwhile, Ezra had investigated Kumbero Raffel, the singer slated to feature in the delayed Atlantis club funded by Azant, and concluded he was probably a Daeva. Since Kumbero had reached out to Bosco about appearing at Eat. Ezra went proactive to meet him. He chatted up Kumbero’s agent’s secretary for Kumbero’s likely location and followed him to a club he was making a ‘surprise’ appearance in. Shenanigans ensues, where Ezra resisted becoming enthralled, bore up well during an unexpected stage call, and invited/dared Kumbero to perform at Eat..



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