The Ameth Chronicle

Any club that would have me as a member

2/8/287 Sunday: After returning from the Goblin Market, a delegation from the Court of the East arrives, lead by Enforcer Bronislav Oleastro, one of the most powerful and dangerous changelings in Ameth. Ezra tries to make him wait in the hall. Huck has Ponch let them in. The others are Rıdvan Çetin, a void elemental, and Bao Chin, an antiquarian first-adopter for a lot of the Eastern Court’s bleeding-edge tech. There’s also a normal human named Charlie that’s apparently just there. They tell you Jocko is dead in an ‘accident’ with one of his ‘associates’ and arrange a settlement for his death; the services of a mighty Thimblekin hobgoblin in exchange for letting the matter rest.The party takes the deal. The Eastern Court offers to arrange a funeral and the party accepts.

Ponch tries to spar with Huck, but Huck is initially reluctant. Ponch tries to motivate him by plucking keys off his vintage keyboard. There’s a spirited fight before Ezra intervenes.

The Azant vampire Everett Benton has his employee Daniel Brennan arrive 20 minutes before the fake start time of the trade association meeting. He is schmoozed and tells Everett the party would like to meet with him.

Everett refuses to enter the room where the Thimblekin is sitting in crystal form, they meet elsewhere. Ezra sets the scene so that when Gordon the “rented sous chef” spills a stinky ‘delicacy’ on him apparently intentionally, he flips out and frenzys on Gordon. After an instant grapple and bite [RETCON] he spits out the blood in a retching fashion and gets ahold of himself [/RETCON] right before Ponch is about to stake him. He almost interprets it as an assassination attempt, but in his slightly woozy mindset is convinced that he acted inappropriately and lost face. He tells the party that the Covenants are not going to permit Court affiliated changelings a foothold on their territory and Ezra intimates that they’re not going to renew their court pledges. Everett leaves both thoughtful and embarrassed.

The trade association goes well and everyone agrees to sign a membership agreement once it’s drawn up.


Bosco tells you that Kumbero’s people have arranged a date the week of 3/20, after the day changelings renew their court pledges.

Ponch learns about Thimblekin from contacting West Court sources. Thimblekin are a race of especially illusion-resistant, resilient, powerful changelings that entered the service of the Court of the East for an unknown price roughly 100 years ago. This was right after the Hexarchy led a casualty-heavy campaign against ‘criminal gangs’ in the forests outside Ameth, and right before the a propaganda campaign to convince the public that supernatural Aberrations were something they shouldn’t expect to see in the city.

Ezra schoozes with Mr. Grace over the next week or so, learning that his main desire is to see his 30-something daughter show more ambition for running his company so he can feel comfortable leaving it to her as an inheritance. He’d also like a falconry championship, but that’s more minor.



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