The Ameth Chronicle

A Constant Conspiracy Against the Brave

2/8/287-In the early morning a pack of teens mistake Ponch for a fat hobo and prepare to kick him around a little. He wakes up, stretches, out, and goes home.

Something happened to Jocko during the night that removed him from your pledge. It was enough to wake up Gordon and Huck who mistook that particular strain of badness for betrayal, and felt like it was Ponch. Huck was the voice of reason calling for investigation and Gordon was the call of ripping his chest open and shitting in his heart. The argument woke up Ponch, and that settled the matter on Huck’s side.

The next day, while they were discussing the matter of the hacked cellphone, they realized it was Jocko that was missing from the pledge. Ponch had encountered this before when people in a pledge got killed. The put the cellphone meeting on hold after only calling one of the numbers they found and ad-libbing a spiel that ended up as a wash.

The meeting also resulted in finding that Everett Brenton of Azant had RSVPed for the SBA meeting, despite not actually being invited. Ezra sent him a gift basket and an invitation+1 with the time misstated as an hour early.

Investigating Jocko’s disappearance, they found that there was an incident in Baojia Caozi involving him, and that the Eastern Court enforcer was going to meet with them soon. While they waited, the party visited the goblin market that Gordon had received an invitation to. Brian stayed, as he was really in character as a waiter that day, and Ponch stayed because he was still grumpy about the threatened internal torso defecation.

Their guide, Rocktoad showed them around. There where trifle and fruit stands, at while place Ezra cleared out a hedgespinner’s stall of cloth and minor components. At the long-fingered Dreamweaver, Huck ordered a special dream vessel that is supposed to act as if he activated a Contract of Omen on himself (it’s normally a bit of a stretch to make dream vessels work like that). From the big-headd old woman called Teller of Secrets, Ezra learned the names and affliliations of all the supernaturals in Eat.‘s district in exchange for the names and affiliations of all the changelings he knew. Ezra also learned that Everett’s weakness when trying to control a social situation is the vampiric urge to frenzy, and a couple tips on the best way to incite it. The next secret weakness of someone important that Ezra learns, Teller will know. Gordon traded some old secrets about what the Hawaiians had been doing and learned that the secret Dilara asked about that apparently led to her becoming a hermit was a question about the behind-the-scenes power struggle in Ameth. At the blue serpentine Mapmaker’s, Gordon got a map of the railroad trod that led from a section of the Hedge known to connect to the Eastern Court territory, all the way past where normal travel was feasible. In exchange she agreed to map a section of the tunnels a good distance from Ameth where the Mapmaker thought the maps weren’t accurate anymore. She has 2 months to do so before losing all direction sense for 4 months

They chose not to visit the Bottler, who organized the market, or the Services rendered tent, the Bloodsmith, or Pawnshop Perry. Ezra secured a promise from Rocktoad to be invited to next month’s market whenever Bottler sets the date.



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