The Ameth Chronicle

The End of it All
What would have happened

There were three main factions vying for control:

The Hexarchy (led by a Quashmal and friends) wanted to return the Spire to the real world to aid in the Godwar.

The Outsiders (the Wereloves, their patron spirit, and the Agency) wanted to move to a whole new world and expand in peace.

The Complete Man of Atlantis (who merged with Coyote after Spirebond separated him from his old host) wants to rule over the status quo as his personal playground.

They were courting the different minor factions who had different levels of awareness regarding the greater struggle.

The Hexarchy had almost completed a magitek weapon they thought would turn the tide of the war and were about to open the Antarctic gate.

They would have been stopped by the Outsiders before they opened the gate more than a crack.
After the party kept their word, the Outsiders would have tried to recruit them via the Agency.

The Invictus (aligned with Atlantis) via Terrence Nash the changeling would have tried to recruit you as vampire retainers at Jocko’s funeral. (there was a whole Underworld, fate of the souls, impact of souls on the Spire side-plot attached to the funeral)

The other courts would have offered you various invitations depending on how your play matched their ethos.

If you had reached out to the Ordo Dracul, they would have been open to an alliance as well.
The safest choice would have been taking a Vampire or Agency side.

Depending on which side you picked, an opposing side would have taken a stab at you during Kumbero’s performance, and your new friends would have helped you.

Before the political ramifications of that could play out completely, the Outsiders would have snuck a bomb into the Pillar, blowing up the Hexarchy’s research labs that contained their nano-storm superweapon.

The superweapon devastates Umma Wahidah

End of act 1

Start of Act 2

Military crackdowns and hostilities would have risen, especially in the lower layers.

At the same time, active players would have a side-story of their elderly fetches becoming aware of them thanks to the slightly opened gate, They’d want answers after escaping from their (your) old families and now seeing their bodies slowly degrade into magical components. Depending on how you react and what you share, they might be able to get into the hedge and find the Demon’s Gate, either as friends or enemies. Although if the West Court is still in control of the gate and unwilling to listen to you at that point, they wouldn’t last long.

Atlantis would have been mostly normal, and Rainbow Valley would have become a sort of neutral zone between the Hexarchy, Outsider, and Vampire/Changeling Factions. The local Prince would have declared independence, expecting the overall ruler to lose and not wanting to be crushed himself, playing the other sides against each other.

Your restaurant would have been a gathering point for refugees trying to get from the increasingly repressive and dangerous lower levels to Atlantis. There would be three main plot paths going at the same time that you could progress down as you wished.

A vampire with an embedded scale wants your help dealing with a soul in the scale fighting her in her dreams. This would eventually involve making decisions about whether to inform anyone about the fragnment of dracula that was trying to make a comeback. This escalates and can possibly lead to alignment with the Ordo Dracul and the Outsider Faction in the third act.

More than one visitor suggests you pack up and move to Atlantis. You could have explored that option, learned about Atlantean groups and made friends/enemies with them. That chain of events can lead you to allying with the Atlantis faction in the third act.

A vaguely familiar changeling shows up about the time you start having staff show up irregularly. This eventually leads to a discovery that the Fae managed to send a loyal changeling into Ameth because they’re worried that the changelings in the Spire are going to discover an ancient Contract with Mages from the last Supernal War that would force them to enter the Godwar in force. That’s what’s at the other end of the railway in the Hedge. The East Court is decidedly against activating the contract since it would force changelings into the fight as well. The Thimblekin are guarding it, as well as the Stitchermen, which were creations of the Fae designed to seal Abyssal rifts. They’re also capable of repairing anything or anyone else, which is why the East Court Queen is so old. Following that chain would have lead to common ground (if not alliance per se) with the Hexarchy and a return to fight in the Godwar.

Act 2 would have ended when you hit a point-of-no-return on one of those plot-tracks, or refused to play along with any of them.

Act 3 picks up where you left off and gives you the option to engage with the final decisions or not. If you do, then you proceed towards the climax of either:

Joining with the Court of the West and the Hexarchy to force the gates open and return to the Godwar

Sneaking/subverting/destroying the Court of the East to activate the Contract of Humanity and having to rejoin the Fae as they march out of Arcadia and into the Material world. Depending on whether you took mercy on your fetches it might be possible to merge with them to merge your lives together and strengthen your resolve against the madness to come.

Finding and converting/banishing/destroying the five Prometheans that serve the Quashmal so that it can be defeated, breaking the anchor to the old world entirely, thus letting the Outsiders force the Spire into a whole new planet. Depending on how you handled the vampire path, it may also require dealing with a risen Dracula and an army of newly-reaped soul-ghosts.

Watching the Outsiders battle the Hexarchs and then providing cover as Coyote tricks them into destroying each-other completely, allowing him near-eternal control of his playground. At least for a short period until the lack of Outsider influence keeping the Spire asleep lets it wake up and clean house. Dun dun dunnnnnnn. (You would have had a chance to learn that the Outsiders were keeping the Spire consciousness dormant and tip him off to compensate).

If you hadn’t engaged with any of the main plot elements, or if you decided that the big picture stuff wasn’t your business, then you’d hang out with the minor NPCs you’d dealt with to that point as the various stages of your different quests determined the ending (or a random element if too close to call). You’d experience one ending or the other from the perspective of the rest of the citizens of the city who had to figure out what was happening and either return to something resembling the status quo, begin preparing for battle, or get word there’s a new world to explore out there.

The beginning of the end of the beginning

2/12/287 Thursday
Ezra makes friends with Mary Grace, giving her a fashion makeover among other things.

Huck wants to make it snow, and plays with the fire-suppression system, triggering a visit from the fire-department that shuts the place down for the night.

Gordon gets the motley’s help in fulfilling the hobgoblin map bargain. They go poke around the tunnels outside the city, they find a dead end. Gordon asks Pooka to try her contracts of Den on it, and sure enough, overrides a secret door.

They find some people inside who look like they’re related to the Werewolf groups you’ve heard about. Gordon and Huck separate and meet with Elder Ntomba. Gordon tells him you’re a semi-independent group operating in Rainbow Valley to stick a thumb in the eye of vampires, then starts to freak out and gets a command-voice order to settle down. The group recombines and agrees to keep the tunnels secret for three weeks and they will send the map back shortly, along with some rare plants.

Any club that would have me as a member

2/8/287 Sunday: After returning from the Goblin Market, a delegation from the Court of the East arrives, lead by Enforcer Bronislav Oleastro, one of the most powerful and dangerous changelings in Ameth. Ezra tries to make him wait in the hall. Huck has Ponch let them in. The others are Rıdvan Çetin, a void elemental, and Bao Chin, an antiquarian first-adopter for a lot of the Eastern Court’s bleeding-edge tech. There’s also a normal human named Charlie that’s apparently just there. They tell you Jocko is dead in an ‘accident’ with one of his ‘associates’ and arrange a settlement for his death; the services of a mighty Thimblekin hobgoblin in exchange for letting the matter rest.The party takes the deal. The Eastern Court offers to arrange a funeral and the party accepts.

Ponch tries to spar with Huck, but Huck is initially reluctant. Ponch tries to motivate him by plucking keys off his vintage keyboard. There’s a spirited fight before Ezra intervenes.

The Azant vampire Everett Benton has his employee Daniel Brennan arrive 20 minutes before the fake start time of the trade association meeting. He is schmoozed and tells Everett the party would like to meet with him.

Everett refuses to enter the room where the Thimblekin is sitting in crystal form, they meet elsewhere. Ezra sets the scene so that when Gordon the “rented sous chef” spills a stinky ‘delicacy’ on him apparently intentionally, he flips out and frenzys on Gordon. After an instant grapple and bite [RETCON] he spits out the blood in a retching fashion and gets ahold of himself [/RETCON] right before Ponch is about to stake him. He almost interprets it as an assassination attempt, but in his slightly woozy mindset is convinced that he acted inappropriately and lost face. He tells the party that the Covenants are not going to permit Court affiliated changelings a foothold on their territory and Ezra intimates that they’re not going to renew their court pledges. Everett leaves both thoughtful and embarrassed.

The trade association goes well and everyone agrees to sign a membership agreement once it’s drawn up.


Bosco tells you that Kumbero’s people have arranged a date the week of 3/20, after the day changelings renew their court pledges.

Ponch learns about Thimblekin from contacting West Court sources. Thimblekin are a race of especially illusion-resistant, resilient, powerful changelings that entered the service of the Court of the East for an unknown price roughly 100 years ago. This was right after the Hexarchy led a casualty-heavy campaign against ‘criminal gangs’ in the forests outside Ameth, and right before the a propaganda campaign to convince the public that supernatural Aberrations were something they shouldn’t expect to see in the city.

Ezra schoozes with Mr. Grace over the next week or so, learning that his main desire is to see his 30-something daughter show more ambition for running his company so he can feel comfortable leaving it to her as an inheritance. He’d also like a falconry championship, but that’s more minor.

A Constant Conspiracy Against the Brave

2/8/287-In the early morning a pack of teens mistake Ponch for a fat hobo and prepare to kick him around a little. He wakes up, stretches, out, and goes home.

Something happened to Jocko during the night that removed him from your pledge. It was enough to wake up Gordon and Huck who mistook that particular strain of badness for betrayal, and felt like it was Ponch. Huck was the voice of reason calling for investigation and Gordon was the call of ripping his chest open and shitting in his heart. The argument woke up Ponch, and that settled the matter on Huck’s side.

The next day, while they were discussing the matter of the hacked cellphone, they realized it was Jocko that was missing from the pledge. Ponch had encountered this before when people in a pledge got killed. The put the cellphone meeting on hold after only calling one of the numbers they found and ad-libbing a spiel that ended up as a wash.

The meeting also resulted in finding that Everett Brenton of Azant had RSVPed for the SBA meeting, despite not actually being invited. Ezra sent him a gift basket and an invitation+1 with the time misstated as an hour early.

Investigating Jocko’s disappearance, they found that there was an incident in Baojia Caozi involving him, and that the Eastern Court enforcer was going to meet with them soon. While they waited, the party visited the goblin market that Gordon had received an invitation to. Brian stayed, as he was really in character as a waiter that day, and Ponch stayed because he was still grumpy about the threatened internal torso defecation.

Their guide, Rocktoad showed them around. There where trifle and fruit stands, at while place Ezra cleared out a hedgespinner’s stall of cloth and minor components. At the long-fingered Dreamweaver, Huck ordered a special dream vessel that is supposed to act as if he activated a Contract of Omen on himself (it’s normally a bit of a stretch to make dream vessels work like that). From the big-headd old woman called Teller of Secrets, Ezra learned the names and affliliations of all the supernaturals in Eat.‘s district in exchange for the names and affiliations of all the changelings he knew. Ezra also learned that Everett’s weakness when trying to control a social situation is the vampiric urge to frenzy, and a couple tips on the best way to incite it. The next secret weakness of someone important that Ezra learns, Teller will know. Gordon traded some old secrets about what the Hawaiians had been doing and learned that the secret Dilara asked about that apparently led to her becoming a hermit was a question about the behind-the-scenes power struggle in Ameth. At the blue serpentine Mapmaker’s, Gordon got a map of the railroad trod that led from a section of the Hedge known to connect to the Eastern Court territory, all the way past where normal travel was feasible. In exchange she agreed to map a section of the tunnels a good distance from Ameth where the Mapmaker thought the maps weren’t accurate anymore. She has 2 months to do so before losing all direction sense for 4 months

They chose not to visit the Bottler, who organized the market, or the Services rendered tent, the Bloodsmith, or Pawnshop Perry. Ezra secured a promise from Rocktoad to be invited to next month’s market whenever Bottler sets the date.

Blood is a Big Expense: Pt 2
Session 4

Elias retroactively disappears from existence.

Ponch and Brian retroactively have always been here.

The Aloha has always been named “Eat.”.

Ponch makes his debut by reassembling the horticulture box Gordon had disassembled and fastening it to a roof of the hollow cabin to form a basis for the prophecy gourd seeds. It takes him awhile. Apparently, staplers were involved.

Brian’s first act is to take a nap at Gordon’s urging. Gordon had a plan to go along with that. Originally. When he woke up he went to mingle with the guests to learn faces.

When Ponch finished with the box, Gordon was working on that night’s dinner. Ponch was hungry, and ate the first thing he saw, which by chance happened to be the prophecy gourd.

Gordon and Brian almost followed him into the areas where he practices his homelessness, but decided to stay at the restaurant instead. Brian followed him via the dreaming prophecy.

Ponch dreamed that a rabbit was eating a chile pepper in the middle of a field when the chile pepper began eating the rabbit. It started to get prophetic. The chile pepper was using fangs and represented vampires, and the rabbit took on aspects of a beast seeming changeling. The meadow appeared to be an island floating in a void attached to three ropes, pulled in one direction by a small flock of flaming flying creatures, in another by a tree-creature and a pelican, and held in place by a doglike creature.

Ponch had a moment of lucidity in which he could react to the situation. He chose to prevent the rabbit and pepper from fighting. They then become more fully personified representations of a changeling and vampire and began to pull the island in their own directions.

Meanwhile, Ezra had investigated Kumbero Raffel, the singer slated to feature in the delayed Atlantis club funded by Azant, and concluded he was probably a Daeva. Since Kumbero had reached out to Bosco about appearing at Eat. Ezra went proactive to meet him. He chatted up Kumbero’s agent’s secretary for Kumbero’s likely location and followed him to a club he was making a ‘surprise’ appearance in. Shenanigans ensues, where Ezra resisted becoming enthralled, bore up well during an unexpected stage call, and invited/dared Kumbero to perform at Eat..

Blood is a big expense : Pt 1
Session 3


Jocko leaves to go dig up someone in his Society that would know who the rogue is that’s targeting the restaurant. [Spoiler: The player isn’t attending anymore; this doesn’t end well.]

Ezra calls people about the reservation, convincing many merchants and inviting people to a VIP event Wednesday 2/11 where he’ll finish breaking down what social doors are remaining.

Gordon takes Huck on a trip to the hedge to (maybe) broaden his horizons. They meet with DIlara and ask her about how she knew where the fruit was growing. She says she was told by a hobgoblin named Teller, but she doesn’t want anything to do with knowing the future or anything else, so she’s not going to deal with him anymore. She teaches Gordon the ritual that can turn any doorway to a hedge gate to the hollow where the next goblin market will be in two days (2/9), and a special bag of sand to use in it. When questioned further, she gets crazier than normal and recites a rhyme:

Goosey goosey gander,
Where shall I wander?
Upstairs and downstairs
And in my lady’s chamber.
There I met an old man
Who wouldn’t say his prayers,
So I took him by his left leg
And threw him down the stairs.
The stairs went crack,
He broke his little back
And all the little ducks went,
‘Quack, quack, quack’.

As Gordon and Huck back away slowly, she snaps out of it and advises them to keep doing what they’re doing, keep running the restaurant, keep their noses out of larger mysteries. They ignore the advice. Gordon plans investigate the railroad in the trod and Huck plans to eat the prophecy gourd.

They return to the restaurant and discuss cooking options. Ezra and Gordon have a little conflict where Ezra bosses Gordon around and Gordon responds by prioritizing hedge adventures over restaurant work. Janette briefly steps in to bolster Gordon.


Ezra meets with Barnus Grace, owner of the long-running if financially troubled Grace’s Department store and convinces him to consider the trade association idea and send a representative to the VIP party.

Bosco informed Elias that he has a message from Kumbero Reffel, a singer of distinction who had been tipped to work the Azant Founded venue on Floor 20. Kumbero was offering to perform as a secondary act.

Waiter! My appetizer is fighting back!
Session 2


Jocko returns from scouting the locations where the competing restaurants will be installed. One is a different restaurant that will be refurbished, the other 3 are empty spaces at the moment. He stashes the mirrors in the back office. He figures out from the mystery changeling’s affliations and actions, he’s probably a Rogue in the same society as Jocko that’s planning to steal something important from the restaurant to gain status. He gets more status if successful for calling his shots beforehand.

Gordon and Jocko retrieve prophecy gourd goblin fruit

Party discovers non-changeling supernaturals on the dance floor while kenning for possible secret hedge gates in the restaurant. Jocko steals wallets of Elias Fisher, Rolando Ramirez, and Jay Graves. Jocko returns the wallets but steals and holds onto Rolando’s phone.


Ezra gets the work back about the delays his people worked for. They pulling strings and landed a hearing to commision a study on the economic impacts of single economic sector dominance by a single interest group. They don’t expect the hearing to actually result in requiring a study, but the process would normally hold them for a few weeks. They have also heard, while moving in those circles, that there is a push for increased inspections for food service establishments.

Investigations into Azant Investments reveal several board members in common across it’s acquired companies. The names Weldon Nat, Waylon Sofronio, Wardell Urs, and Terrence Nash figure prominently.Sofronio and Nat don’t throw any red flags, but Urs is the Invictus commisoner in charge of business interests and Nash is a famous/infamous changeling who joined the Invictus as a Speaker [diplomat] and the only non-kindred titled member.

The party formulates a plan to form a trade association to counter Azant’s influence and possibly to reach out to the Ordo Dracul, the main rival of the Invictus in this layer. The also float various sabotage ideas.

Excuse me, I said "How many in your party?"


Gordon is in the hedge and gets a tip-off from his half-mad hermit friend Dilara that there’s a prophecy gourd in a tunnel off the path. Gordon agrees to come visit Dilara later.

Gordon and Pooka eventually find the fruit growing at the end of a vine hanging in a shaft over a tunnel trod that has a rail-line running down the middle. Gordon marks the tunnel with a vial of blood and leaves to return later.

Jocko discovered a mask-boosted changeling placing mirrors around the public areas of the Aloha. Jocko removed the mirrors.

Elias and Ezra met with Bosco, the Restaurant Manager who reported that Azant Investments was funding several restaurants in the Aloha’s niche opening around the area. Ezra called in some favors among his upper class friends to slow the opening. The said they’d get back to him.

Ezra and Elias look into the mirrors and Ezra conjures a replay of their last week, giving hints that the intruder was an established larcenist and probably a member of the Court of the East.

Jocko leaves to scout the new restaurant sites and possibly place some mirrors.

The end of the world

Everything changed.

And then brunch was served.

Slice of Life Pt 4

April 11, 287y

Fleetwood takes the day off after being fired for screwing over his boss who downplayed his involvement in saving the company from a hacking attempt

Jon and Smalls recover from their bout in the simulator and a night of drinking. Jon is just a little bitter.

Magdelyne ponders options for dealing with the vampire soul stuck in her hand. An unusual problem.

Abby contacts Fleetwood and Magdelyne with information about a changing breed who is going to be the next new supernatural in the layer. They don’t know if it’s going to be a change or immigration, but they have a fairly specific area to watch.

Magdelyne takes the initiative to involve the muscle, especially as she thinks that Jon might have a special connection.

The team scouts the area in and around the factory, finding it to be watched by masked machine spirits, which Fleetwood learns more about from Abby. The spirits are low-tier watchers and observers, with powers of mental and emotional influence to direct their subjects, but rely on calling in help against more major threats. They hadn’t been seen in the layer before, but they were the subject of conspiracy theories. Believers of which Fleetwood directed to the factory to test/prod/distract security.

Fleetwood shoots one machine-spirit in the face with a laser pistol through a space portal and the rest vanish, Magdelyne and one other (i forget) go for the person they believe to be the changing breed, Phillip Quadro.

Magdelyne charmed Phillip and they took him to the armory, planning to trigger him in the simulator, but found out that trying the wild first change in those conditions might make his actual body change, ripping him out and causing mental damage.

So they took him to an explosives testing room, where Jon took the initative to chase him around hitting him until he changed. Everyone else took one look at that and left to various distances away. Jon eventually forced Phillip to undergo enough trauma that he changed into a spider, and then Jon escaped and locked him in.


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